January 12, 2016

Beauty in Vulnerability




I have another letter for you from your secret admirer.


To My Greatest Love;

Hello my love, you are looking more radiant than ever today.  You are flawless in my eyes, not one imperfection. What will it take, my love, for you to see yourself the way I see you?

In your world, it is often perceived as a weakness to be vulnerable. Should you asks questions to inquire about what you don’t know about a particular topic you are worried it will show everyone that you don’t know it all. Or you may be feeling sad, hurt, or upset about a certain situation but you don’t allow yourself to feel the emotions because you need to be strong and can’t let anybody see you cry.  The pressure is real out there to force you to say nothing in order to keep face and appear as though you have it all together. I am here to let you know my love that this is by far from the truth.  My love, being vulnerable is the pathway to courage and bravery. I created you to feel and process emotions.  Emotions are indications of what is going on in your spirit; it is important for you to stop and process your emotions.

Why are you scared to be vulnerable with me? Who are you scared will see that you don’t know it all? Who are you scared to show that you don’t have it all together? Why do you put so much effort into what that person thinks of you instead of what I know you are? Why do you care more about what they think then what I say you are? Embrace your vulnerability because it’s there you will find me.

Keep on asking, my love, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you.

I tell you in wisdom, be careful with whom you are vulnerable to; being vulnerable is only a place where unconditional love can serve you. Seek me and I will show you.

All the answers are here for you right under your nose, I am patiently waiting for you to knock on the door full-heartedly expecting me to show you a better you. I am so proud of you my dear, you are so lovely and beautiful. Come let me help you see yourself for who you really are!


Your Greatest Admirer



Get The Look

I love this knitted caplet.  I would love to take the credit for this piece but this one is not one of my own. My best friend Angela got this from Paris for me many years ago. I still wear it and love it! I love the intricate twisted stitch in this piece.  I attached a link to a knitting pattern for all my fellow knitters out there who dare to make something different.  This stitch is very unique. I wore it with a casual long sleeve knitted top and some jersey pants from Banana Republic. I love jersey pants but what I especially love about these pants is that they are made of a material similar to a pair of work pants for the office so it dresses up the look making it more polished. I accented the outfit with these gorgeous high-heel sandals from Zaras.  Get them now they are on sale for just $29.99, click on the link below.  You could make this look more casual by throwing on a pair of  sneakers instead.


Knitted Caplet (Knitting Pattern)

Jersey Pants

Cut-Work High-Heel Sandal 


Photography by Jennifer Claire Photography


Love in Abundance,



JamieVallejoBloggerFashionPhotography-December2015-8 JamieVallejoBloggerFashionPhotography-December2015-9 JamieVallejoBloggerFashionPhotography-December2015-10


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  1. Vickie Vallejo says:

    Jamie I love your inspiring letter. I love your cape let !

  2. jamsvee says:


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