January 19, 2016

Beauty in a Healthy LifeStyle





To My Greatest Love,


Hello my love. It’s the beginning of the year and I see that physical fitness is a priority for you.  My dear you are so lovely, if only you can see the beauty I see when I look into your eyes. You are perfectly and wonderfully made.  You are my prized creation, the apple of my eye.  No other person compares to you.

My love can I ask; why do you want to reach your physical fitness goals?  Are you trying to impress others? Do others make you feel inadequate because they do not approve of your physical appearance? Did your husband or boyfriend make you feel like you are not physically attractive? Are you comparing yourself with other women whose pictures are in the front of magazines? My dear what is the intention of your heart for wanting to meet your physical fitness goals?

Others may justify you by your physical appearance; but I my dear know your heart and how beautiful you truly are.  Your physical appearance is perfection, and the reason I am so madly in love with you is because of your exquisite beauty that comes from within. I love your heart and all that you stand for. You are perfect without a flaw.  All of my creation is a masterpiece; know that you are perfectly and wonderfully made.

My love, it is important that you honor your body and keep it healthy. It makes me happy to see you happy and healthy. I do not like to see you sick. If you want to achieve a healthier lifestyle seek your fitness goals from the intention of wanting to be healthier not with the intention to impress others.  Make choices in your life that will ultimately make you happy, this is one of the many qualities that I love about you.



Your greatest admirer



I don’t know about you but for me about a few weeks into wearing my winter coat, I quickly get bored of wearing the same coat the same way everyday.  I found some ways to take this beautiful coat from Mango and wear it three different ways this winter.  Changing it up gives it a whole new look and keeps the winter season a little less boring.



With this look, I let the beautiful collar of the coat flow freely keeping the coat open and pulling up the sleeves. I let the belt hang in the back. Obviously this look is for those random days when the temperature raises because you can never tell with Chicago weather.


The second look is for days when its chilly but not too cold. I left the coat opened and added a blanket scarf to cover up the open portion of the coat. You will stay warm with this more wintery look. I love this scarf wrap it is super simple. Just fold the scarf in half vertically and throw it over your shoulder.



For the third look, I tucked in the collar on the left side of the coat and wrapped it over with the right side. I tied the belt to keep it close to keep me warm on colder days!




Similiar Mango Coat 



Photography by Jennifer Claire Photography


Love in abundance,


Jamie Vallejo

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  1. Vickie Vallejo says:

    I love that letter. Yes u should do things to please yourself and. Not others. For definitely u are perfect in Gods eyes. Love that coat!

  2. Frances Sheeran says:

    You are Beautiful! I do like that style too!
    Came across your site and thank-you, for the encouraging words. Yes, I struggle with me. I would like to be more comfortable being me and just be myself and all God created me to be.

    • jamsvee says:

      So great to hear from you Frances. I am right there with you, the struggle is real when it comes to knowing our true beauty. It is possible to know it the more we know who we were created to be! Blessings!

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