April 6, 2016

Wait… Isn’t it spring?


Um… I don’t know about you but I was in complete shock this past weekend by the snow storm that hit Chicago. Isn’t this spring? What happened to the warmer temperatures? I was getting so excited for summer.  I mean…..can I get a forewarning??  Boom… it just arrived. One minute the sky was gloomy with tons of snow falling and then the next minute the sky was clear, no more snow fall and the sun was shining.

The weather this past weekend was such a representation of my spiritual life right now. Have you ever felt so much healing in your life as it relates to an emotional pain? For me, I was recently experiencing freedom in an area of my life where fear and pain once ruled over me. I was excited about my future and finally feeling hopeful about this area of my life.  Then boom ….out of no-where a situation appeared in my life (snow storm) that I didn’t see coming and now I find myself back in a previous season of my life.  I think to myself I thought this season had passed.I look around and I feel as if I went back in time. I ask myself am I really healed? Has this season of life really passed?

One thing I learned from this experience is when the unexpected storms of life come by, all I need to do is take shelter and be still. This too shall pass.  I remember wisdom that was passed on to me from a mentor, she told me “Typically when there is a break through that is about to happen in our life there will always be a storm, some type of set-back.”

As much as I would have liked to report that I sat still through the storm, I can’t say I did. I kicked and screamed a little bit ( a little less then I used to).  Nonetheless there was growth and I am experiencing a new sense of freedom in life.  I learned that I don’t need to be discouraged when an unexpected storm approaches, it may seem real but it is only occurring for a very short period of time.  I recognize that I am in a new season and it is coming. I just have to focus on the truth and not the circumstances I see around me.

JamieVallejoBloggerFashionPhotography-December2015-45 JamieVallejoBloggerFashionPhotography-December2015-50 JamieVallejoBloggerFashionPhotography-December2015-52

Get the Look

One of the reasons I love this vest is because it keeps me warm without putting on a ton of layers; its the perfect addition to any outfit on a cool day.  The vest is even reversible. I like to wear it with  the fur on the inside for more warmth.  This vest also looks cute with a pair of leggings and an untucked dress shirt.  Either way you wear it, it will keep you warm and comfortable.


Akira Suede Fur Vest (something similar)

Jersey Pants

Wide Heel Ankle Boots


Photography by Jennifer Claire Photography


Love in Abundance,


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  1. Vickie Vallejo says:

    I am sorry to hear about your storm. Stand still n know that God is God n he will calm your storm! I love your vest!

  2. Trish says:

    God, I feel like I sholud be takin notes! Great work

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