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  1. Angela says:

    Love your posts! This post truly resonates with me. I usually feel this hunger when I know there is a great big plan for my life and I am settling. Instead of pursuing the larger and more challenging path, I choose the one that is comfortable and less risky. But when I do, I am not completely satisfied and I hunger for more. That hunger is never really satisfied until I pursue the path that was created for me and surrender to the possibility without hesitation or fear.

    • jamsvee says:

      Well thank you Miss Angela!! Great point!! We are never fully satisfied until we pursue the dreams we were created for; anything else, no matter how good it may seem, can every fulfill us the same.

  2. Vickie Vallejo says:

    Jamie that was so iinspiring! Remember when God is working in your trials expect nothing but the best. For He knew what you needed before you asked. He will never forsake you or mislead you !

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