December 12, 2016

Fleur – one of my favorite shops in the city !



Today we took a trip to my favorite flower shops in the city – Fleur.  I discovered this beautiful floral shop at a Soho House DIY floral arrangement event. I love the artistic eye of the florists. The floral arrangements remind of a beautiful mix of the vintage world meeting modern day luxury.  At least that is what I would call it =)!  Flowers inspire me!  I typically have a fresh vase of flowers on my desk to inspire me to write about beauty.  On many occasions I have visited this shop for a bit of beautiful inspiration.


I just love the smell of fresh cut flowers!


Typically I like to pick out the flowers that catch my eye and then hand them over to the florist to make something beautiful out of them. I am always fully happy with my arrangements. I mean look at their beautiful Instagram feed @fleurinc. These guys know what they are doing. Gorgeous!  Today I put in my order for my Christmas floral centerpiece  for the dinner table. It will definitely go up on the Instagram feed once its ready. Can’t wait to see what they will put together. I highly recommend their beautiful floral arrangements if you are hosting a Christmas party this year to add that simple yet elegant piece to your party.  I believe their prices are very reasonable anywhere between $15-$30 (including a vase), that is typically how much I spend.



On my first trip to Fleur I was so surprised to see that they sold more than just flowers. This cute little shop located in Logan Square, also has stationary, cards, scarfs, clothes, soap, candles, cute mugs, dishes and much more. Its the perfect spot to get a unique beautiful gift for that special person on your Christmas list.



Cute Christmas present tags!


Beautiful Christmas cards, for those of us who have not yet purchased our cards =)!


And they carry journals form my favorite stationary company Sugar Paper! I love these guys. You can find them at Target too!


Who doesn’t love a journal that starts with “Its your story, write it down.”? Love this!!


These soaking salts are so gently nudging me to take a bath, relax and calm down from my busy day!


I love the shop because I know that every time I return I will find so many new treasures to take home for inspiration. It is always important to support local businesses, this is one of my city favorites. Next time you are in Logan Square stop by and say hi.

Love in abundance,



Photography by Andi LP

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  1. Vickie Vallejo says:

    Love it Jamie! Good taste beautiful fllowers! One of Gods greatest creations, along with you! I can’t wait to see the outcome of the center piece!

    • jamsvee says:

      Yes! I completely agree. I believe he created flowers to remind us of his beauty!! Yes!! I am so excited for the centerpiece for our holiday dinner! Yeah!!

  2. Kelly Marie Thompson, Fleur Inc says:

    Thank you so much for such a beautiful post!!

    • jamsvee says:

      Kelly, you are so welcome! I can’t thank you enough for all the inspiration you have given me with your beautiful shop! I look forward to it!


    Jamie, Thank you for your sight. Andi LP who is doing photography work for you is my granddaughter. Thank you for giving her this opportunity. God Bless you!!!!

    • jamsvee says:

      Carol, thank you for your kind words!! Nice to meet you Andi’s grandmother. Such a pleasure!! Andi is an amazing woman and photographer. I am so blessed to have her in my life! MGL is lucky to have her on board!

  4. Marni says:

    Thanks for being on point and on tagret!

  5. Indy says:

    You’ve captured this peltrcfey. Thanks for taking the time!

  6. Kierra says:

    Deep thinking – adds a new disonmien to it all.

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