December 16, 2016

A Brand New Season!


Okay, so the snow storm this past week hasn’t helped my cause in communicating dressing for the right season. I feel like a complete hypocrite with this outfit. It’s crazy to think that these pics were taken less than a month ago; Chicago weather is so unpredictable.

Let’s just pretend for a moment that we were still experiencing some warmer weather days.  You never know what to expect with Chicago weather; who knows we might be back up in the 50’s next week. LOL!

I love this look because it symbolizes more and more who I am becoming.  It’s a soft and delicate (soft neutral sweater) look with a touch of boldness (leather strip skirt).  My wardrobe used to be mostly suits and work outfits, but as I pursue my passion I am starting to go for looks that are more comfortable yet polished! I used to let my job title define my look because I use to let my career tell me who I was. Not anymore, now I am pursuing a look that is more of who I  really am, a woman full of passion and energy!











I love her look; a very youthful look that is both chic and comfortable. Her boots are the perfect blend of color and pattern that mesh well with the sweater & skirt. 

The one thing I keep hearing over and over from women is they want to look gorgeous along with feeling comfortable. Her look has incorporated both of these elements really well.  I typically don’t like to buy oversized sweaters like the one shown in this look because I am so short and feel like the top makes me look shorter and thicker than I am. However, this look is inspiring me to get out of my comfort zone a little bit.  If you pair a shorter skirt with an oversized sweater, it will elongate you offsetting the heavy top. Also, tucking in the front of the sweater shows more of your waistline which is helpful for someone who is not as tall.


Love in abundance,



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