December 23, 2016

Inspiration Behind the Look – No One Compares to You!







Today’s look was inspired by one of my favorite fashion bloggers SytleMBA, I think the reason I am inspired by her look is because she has this business sense and it comes through in her look, yet it is not the entire basis of her look. Her look is very urban and chic.  Her looks are very feminine and enhance her physical features and I am drawn to the same neutral color schemes (earth tones and pastels) that are all over her Instagram feed.  I believe she does a great balance of mixing trendy with a polished look. I absolutely love a polished look! Check out her Instagram feed StyleMBA

This look inspired me to combine a flowy jacket with a flowy dress, such a beautiful outline. I added my own styling piece with a longer sleeved shirt underneath, creating a layered look. The dress I am wearing is a summer dress and is sleeveless. I love it when I can make the most of my wardrobe by adding an article of clothing from the summer to another season’s look. My jacket also has a snap on the sleeve (like seen in sytleMBA’s look) where there is a small piece of cloth to fasten up the sleeves to expose my arms from the elbows down. Since I am going for a more layered look for the winter I chose let the sleeves fall down and roll up the ends just enough to expose the bottom sleeves of the black undershirt. I loved the addition of the mesh silver watch with this look and wanted to expose it so I rolled back the sleeves of my black undershirt once to do so. With the really cold temperatures now in Chicago, you could add black tights or leggings to this look along with an overcoat so it can be a more practical look.

The flowy-ness of this look feels soo feminine and beautiful. I love the neutral colors. I also love the drawstring on this jacket and dress to show off my waistline, so helpful for someone with a smaller torso.

I am excited for the future of MGL, we are working on a project to get different women up on the blog to share styling tips and inner-beauty inspiration for all different types of women. I can’t wait to share with you!  Keep us in your prayers and we build the resources to continue the vision. If you are interested in being a woman to inspire please email me at I would love to hear from you.


Love in abundance,



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