December 27, 2016

Thank You


The holidays are a great time to reflect on the year. I wanted to stop and take a moment to say thank you for supporting the blog.  I wanted to share a few comments that have touch my heart and brought a tear to my eyes.


“I loved your blog because it screamed your true heart. I felt like I was looking inside who you were as a person through your writing and gorgeous pictures. I love that your being who you really are and your vulnerable with your audience. There is something beautiful about that. Letting the Lord shine through you. It’s unique and not something everyone can do.”  Amanda


“You are Beautiful! I do like that style too! Came across your site and thank-you, for the encouraging words. Yes, I struggle with me. I would like to be more comfortable being me and just be myself and all God created me to be.”  Frances


I am so moved by your support and am praying that the blog would be an encouragement to all women to want to pursue God’s best for their life.  You are beautiful and more than enough. You are radiant in His eyes!  My hope is that God would use me to help women walk in that truth every day. I am praying for a fantastic 2017 for all you beautiful and loved women in the world!

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