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December 30, 2016

Inspiration Behind the Look


Photography by Andi LP



Today’s look is inspired by Song of Style, one of my other favorite fashion bloggers. Take a moment to check out her feed on Instagram. Her look is very feminine and urban. I love her trendy pieces; they are great statement pieces to go along with her very petite and feminine look.



In this outfit, I wore the same dress and undershirt as last week’s post all I did was change the jacket and the boots to give it a whole new look!  I love this look because it combines strength (biker jacket) with feminity (flowy dress).  I also love the idea that I am maximizing the use of my wardrobe to get as many different looks as possible.  I believe the wardrobe in our closets should be simple and inspirational.  We don’t need a ton of pieces that can overwhelm us; just a few of all the right pieces to make our experience exciting every day.


Love in Abundance,




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