January 3, 2017

A Gift to be able to Grow Old!

Have you ever thought about the ability to grow old as a gift?  After watching this video, it transformed my thinking about how aging of my body is an actual gift.





I love the beauty in this amazing woman. She makes an excellent point that it takes time and hard work to come to the conclusion that you are beautiful with the body and life God gave you.  It takes effort and work, to get through the pain and lies that we have grown to believe over the years. I love that she is surrounded by such an amazing husband who speaks truth to her heart.  I love that she is free to be who she is. I absolutely love the beauty in her story of seeing growing old as a gift, it has really touched my heart. I hope it touches yours as well.


What will it take for you to put in the time and effort it takes to “Be that Person”


Love in abundance,



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