January 4, 2017

A Love Letter


To My Greatest Love,


Sweetheart you are looking more radiant than ever. Your beauty is breath-taking! My dear if you want to see what I see when I look at you, you have to know my perspective.  I created you to have body mind and spirit. Your body is a vehicle for you to move and do things in the world, your soul was given to you for thinking, feeling and choosing. Your spirit, sweetheart, is your identity, life and guidance.  Only through your spirit will you find your true beauty, your inner-beauty. I did not create you to live life on your own. I created you to have a relationship with me through the spirit. Only through your spirit will you be able to know who you truly are and who you were created to be. Only through the spirit will you ever see yourself the way I see you.   So come my dear, let me show you how to see yourself the way I see you!


Your Truest Love



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