January 6, 2017

Baby, it’s Cold Outside – Layered Looks

After witnessing the man on the train platform freezing in this Chicago weather a few weeks back, I wanted to give back by sharing some layered looks and tips for the frigid cold season for the month of January. Tip # 1  – Living in Chicago, it is crucial to check the weather before leaving home. You will ultimately regret not checking the weather on a super cold day.  Make sure you give yourself an extra 5-10 minutes to prepare for the cold weather. You could seriously suffer from frostbite in low temperatures. Did you know that frostbite can occur within 5 minutes in temperatures between 0 to -19 degrees Fahrenheit (Per the National Weather Service). Here is an excellent article about the effects of cold temperature on the human body.

The look I am showing here, I would suggest wearing in 25 to 40-degree weather.  The overcoat is not very thick, either is the leather jacket underneath, but combining both jackets will give you a warmer look. For me I get bored wearing the same outer coat every day during winter, I need a change a pace. Here is one way you can change it up by using a couple of jackets from fall or spring season.  It is always best to simplify your wardrobe by utilizing as much of it as possible giving you many looks for your investment.



One way to keep your looks fresh is to prepare a mood board. I would suggest using Pinterest. I used these six simple pictures to inspire my layered looks for January posts.  The mood board took me a matter of 5 minutes to put together. It took me a matter of 45 -50 minutes to put together four different looks that I will be sharing with you this month.



Photography by Andi LP

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