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January 13, 2017

Baby, it’s Cold Outside- Winter Weather Looks

Hey Pretty Girl!   Hope you are keeping warm in this chilly Chicago weather. I know you already have an amazing wardrobe in your closet. I am hoping today’s post of winter layered looks inspires you to maximize that great wardrobe. I know with that busy schedule, it’s hard to find time to research outfit ideas, but don’t worry I got you covered.


What I love about this look is that these are all items that were already in my closet. This is one example of a layered look you can do for 50 degree winter days. I took my autumn leather jacket, placed a warm long john-like shirt under my blouse and added a big chunky scarf on top to keep me so warm. I have thermal pants on with a lining of fleece. I also have my leather rain boots on with a thick pair of socks. I recommend wearing thick socks with your rain boots to give you another styling option in the winter.  There is something freeing about this outfit, I don’t feel so restricted with a ton of clothes.


For my fellow knitters out there, I made this scarf! I absolutely love this colorful plaid scarf! It is such a great statement piece against neutral colors. Get the pattern here #woolandthegang, I would love to see you rocking this scarf!


Here is another look. So I simply added my black wool winter coat over the previous look, to give it an even more layered and textured look. I would recommend this look for 30 degree winter days.  I left the coat open so you can see the layers of my blouse and grey leather jacket. I love it.!  A completely new look just by adding a winter coat. Think of how many different outfits you can make by changing up the pants with a skirt or the blouse with another shirt.  You can maximize your wardrobe immensely.


Photography by Andi LP


Love in abundance,



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