January 16, 2017

MGL 2 Year Anniversary


Tomorrow marks MGL’s two year anniversary! Wow I look back at this first post and I remember the excitement of actually starting an idea that was just a little seed planted in my thoughts attending a Willowcreek Global Leadership Summit back in 2010. I was inspired by Blake MyCoskie’s talk about his adventure of starting TOM’s shoes. The idea of merging fashion, entrepreneurship and giving back all in one enterprise completely overwhelmed me with joy and excitement. After the summit, I attended B-school to get my MBA in entrepreneurship to pursue the vision God planted in my heart to start a clothing company that gave back to women.

I am forever grateful for everyone who has contributed to My Greatest Love up to this point, Evan Hunt Photography, Jennifer Claire Photography, Christian Wilson Photography and Gabby Del Toro. I have learned so much from all of you and am forever grateful for the contributions you have made to the blog with your great artistic abilities.

The past year has been a year of much growth for me, God has used both fitness and my finances to grow me into the woman I need to be to continue this project. I knew fear was holding me back from really making this a reality so my 2016 new years resolution was to stare fear right in the face and walk through it with God’s grace. This has definitely been a year of facing fears and walking through them with his grace. I am still walking in grace and waiting to see what’s on the other side. One thing I do know is true is that God has a plan for me and he is slowly guiding me through it. I might not be able to see what’s on the other side, but the Spirit has let me know that its worth every hard part of the journey!

After two years MGL is ready to move into a new artistic direction, featuring our new photographer Andi Pourchot. We are working hard to build a space that invites women into a community that will allow them to feel and experience love, beauty and the luxury that they so deserve.I believe God placed in my heart that there is a movement He wants to make in the fashion beauty industry. God loves his daughters and wants to share with them how he feels about their beauty.  I hope to be a vessel to share with women his absolute unconditional and perfect love for us and the beauty he placed in each one of us. I will continue to push forward in focusing on this mission and know in 2017 we will have amazing things ahead. Please support the blog by posting comments, sharing your favorite posts on social media, liking us on Instagram and Facebook.  We want to grow this community so that we can hear all the different beautiful voices out there and their journey as it relates to beauty and fashion. There is something powerful when women get together and are vulnerable to talk about their struggles and successes with feeling beautiful.  So many of us grow and learn from your stories.  Let’s keep the conversation going!!!


Check out MGL’s very first post!!


Love in Abundance!



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