Love Letters

January 25, 2017

A love letter….

To My Greatest Love,


Most of the time you will not recognize my presence in your everyday life because I will not look like, act like or love like you think I should.  My love, take a moment away from your busy schedule of life and just be still. Turn off your computer, cell phone, and iPad.  Disconnect from the Wi-Fi of the world and sit in my presence. There is something I want to show you, but you can’t receive it with all those distractions.  Allow my love to shower over you, let me give you rest. I will give you the type of rest that will give you energy that will last a lifetime and not just for a moment. My beautiful love, you bring me so much joy just being in your presence. Let me show you how much joy I can bring you if you just give me a chance.




Your Truest Love

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