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January 27, 2017

Baby It’s Cold Outside – Winter Layered Looks

Hey Beautiful,  time for some more inspired winter layered looks directly from your closet.  Today I went with a Canadian Tuxedo, which consists of a denim shirt and denim pair of jeans. I am using the dark denim as the central neutral color for the look. Check out this article for more inspiration #CanadianTuxedo!  I am loving the dark denim, it has been one of my go-to’s this winter. I pulled together this casual, polished look by throwing on my bomber jacket over the denim and then added my black boyfriend boots. I love the way the bomber jacket has a touch of navy at the end of the sleeves to accent the dark denim.

For warmer winter days like 40 degrees and higher, I like to grab a short coat and add a big chunky scarf to give me that extra warmth. Again, I get bored with the same winter coat and scarf, so this look allows me to change up the pace. In this look, I am featuring another one of my beautifully hand-knitted scarves from the Jamie collection!LOL!  I like the sound of that!  Actually, it is my dream to one day have a MGL Collection available to all of you beautiful and amazing women.

For all my fellow knitters out there who would like to make one of their own scarves, here is a very similar pattern (I can’t find the original one). #Marian If you are not a knitter and like this scarf send me an email and I can see if I can get one made for you. Contact me at

Remember you are beautiful!  Be your kind of beautiful today!

Photography by Andi LP


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