Love Letters

February 1, 2017

A Letter and a Song for My Love….

For those of you who had a dream but circumstances have left you full of disappointment and pain which has now numbed your heart. You have learned to become content with the cards you have been dealt because you don’t believe the situation could ever change or get better.


For those of you who have spoken up to profess your dream and are now at a crossroad; one path is comfortable and familiar the other full of excitement and opportunity.  Here you are again presented with a choice. A decision that will change everything you know, but the fear of the unknown is gripping you to choose the path most familiar.


For those of you who have gotten comfortable, in the midst of your busy schedule you stop and think for a moment “Is this all there is to life?”  Please believe there is so much more to this life. Keep believing!!



I have a love letter for you….


To My Greatest Love;

Believe! Speak! Slowly walk in my direction, my beloved.

Let the words of this divine song wash over you. Know that the dream I have placed in your heart is real, the desire I placed in your heart is real, and yes there is so much more to this life.  I have placed those desires and dreams in your heart because they are gifts from me.  I encourage you to trust me, my love; you will never regret moving towards these desires and dreams. The more you pursue them, the more you will recognize how much you are loved!


Your Truest Love

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