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February 3, 2017

Sneakers for the Boss Lady!

Hello Beautiful, you ready for the weekend?  I got you covered.  Today I have some styling tips for your weekend attire.  I was working with a client this week who was looking for the perfect weekend attire and some date night outfit ideas. She is a busy consultant for a top 4 firm here in Chicago and already has a beautiful work wardrobe.

I introduced her to the sneaker look!!  I love this look because it is so clean and pleasant to the eyes. On top of that it is extremely comfortable!!  I know you might be thinking about back in the day when women use to wear sneakers with their nylons and work outfits, yeah its kind of like that in regards to the comfort but this this is a little different. Here is a more fresh way to polish your look with a pair of sneakers for that weekend lunch date with friends.

You can also utilize your sneakers during the work week by wearing them on the way to work and then switching them out with a pump or boot when you arrive to the office.  I always leave a pair of shoes at work so I don’t have to lug  an extra pair around with me all over the city.


When you are comfortable and you feel good in your clothes it will come across in your confidence. It might feel strange at first if you haven’t worn sneakers outside of the gym for awhile, but try wearing it 3-4 times and see if you feel any different. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!  See you next week!

Love in abundance,





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