February 8, 2017

A love letter…



I used to listen to love songs and fantasize about the man in my life.  I fantasized so hard that I tricked myself into believing that the man in my life loved me like the love song.  Not anymore. Thank you, God, for showing me that my love is not defined by a fantasy but defined by your love. Now I walk around listening to this song, with a reassuring confidence that I am loved.



To My Greatest Love,

My love, you are looking more radiant than ever.  The crinkle in your nose when you smile so big, makes my heart skip a beat. My love, I am the creator of romance. It’s all a part of your beautiful story, always know that any relationship you have in this world is an extension of my love.  Focus on me and not the person in front of you, the more you look to me the more reward you will find in that relationship. I love you, my dear, this is why I call you beautiful one!



Your Truest Love

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