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February 10, 2017

Date Night Look Ideas For My Curvy Sisters!

Hello, beautiful, how was your week? Hope you are feeling accomplished and ready to unwind for the weekend.

MGL embraces beauty and recognizes that it comes in all shape, colors, and sizes.  Today, I wanted to highlight some date night ideas for my beautiful curvy sisters out there. I hear women say they can’t wear a particular look because they are not as skinny as the model wearing the clothes. That is a lie!!! I rebuke it!!  LOL!

Beauty comes from within and shines on the outside when we embrace it and enhance it on the exterior. I absolutely love the beauty shining through these models and their looks!!


I love these ideas for a date night with that important man in your life…..

Studio Bonded Pique Dress

Absolutely gorgeous!!!  I love this dress! The cut is gorgeous highlighting her waist and elongating her legs. It’s perfect for a woman with a shorter torso and longer legs. The dress enhances her inner-beauty, I mean look at that beautiful glow.


I love the fierceness of beauty this picture represents. I see a woman who is beautiful, confident, strong and gentle all at the same time. I believe date night outfits should enhance your curves (your favorite body part) while maintaining high elegance and class. I love this look; this is actually a long cashmere sweater with a sheer dress underneath. Gorgeous!!  Love it!!


Some casual date night outfits ideas.


Fierce!! It’s all I have to say!! Radiating Gorgeous!  Loving this color looks amazing on her.  Another great outfit to enhance the curves while keeping it elegant and classy. This dress is actually the same sheer dress featured in the look above just in a different color. Love the versatility in this designers pieces.  #universalstandard



But this coat tho…. Wow! She is looking real sharp! I am loving the metallic shoes added to this very classic look. Gorgeous! Show up to your date looking confident and chic rocking this coat!!


Yes! Beauty can be fierce too so embrace your fierce inner-beauty.


Love in abundance,



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