Love Letters

February 14, 2017

A sweet valentine’s letter

The sweetest valentine for you beautiful!!!
My love….. my beautiful love! I am yours and you are mine! Every day, you walk around with a banner of my love wrapped around you. Everyone knows you are mine. You are loved richly. You are valued beyond measure. What is real love, my beautiful one? It is my love for you. You will never find another like it. I promise to always be patient and kind, even when you push me away. I will never boast or be envious. I will never make you feel less than with arrogance. I will never be rude to you, but will always treat you with respect. I will never insist on my own way, I will always give you the choice. I promise to never be resentful. I will never rejoice at your wrongdoing, but will always delight in the truth of your beauty. I will bear all things that come our way. I will hope for all good things because I know and see your beautiful future ahead. I will always endure in our relationship; I will never give up on you even when you walk away from me. I will never leave you abandoned. My love, know that you are seen and known by me. I know your every thought. I know your every desire. I see all your dreams. I lived and died to fulfill all of this and more in your lifetime. Know today and every day that you are loved deeper than the ocean and further than east to west!
Happy Valentine’s Day Oh My Beautiful One!
Your truest love

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