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February 17, 2017

To all my sisters blessed with height…

Hello beautiful, hope you had a wonderful week. It’s that time again to wind down for the weekend. Embrace yourself because the weather is amazing outside!  Make sure you get outside this weekend and enjoy it while it lasts!!

This week, I wanted to give my sisters with height some outfit ideas. I love tall women because they have beautiful torsos that go for miles and beautiful long legs. I believe your look should always emphasize your favorite body parts. When you are working on your look, always start from the place you love and work outwards.

When I had gained those extra 10 pounds, I would spend so much time trying to hide my stomach and would just end up feeling frustrated in the end and my look showed it. When I focused my look efforts from the areas I liked the most of my body, like my legs or shoulders, it really helped me to find a look that I loved much quicker. It also boosted my confidence and it showed in my look.

For my sisters with height, emphasis that height. It’s what makes you different and unique, embrace it. Walk in the beautiful tall woman God created you to be.

Loving this chic look from fashionblogger @tallnnatural. Her coat is the perfect length ending right beneath the knee; I love a coat at this length. Loving the neutral black base of her look with a touch of furry color. Beautifully done!


I love the way the tucked in white shirt enhances her waist, and the jacket’s sleeve length is perfect for her arms. I love the length of her pants accenting her cute ankle strapped shoes. When I look at a polished lengthy garment aligning a woman with height like this woman, I see a woman who possesses strength and feminity. We learn from one another. Check out these cute tall sisters (Hannah and Zoe ) instagram feed @hofsisters.


I am loving that @tallnnatural is rocking her heels and doing it confidently. Again I love the chic dress and long coat combo.The necklace is perfectly bringing together the gray and light blue colors in this look. She is nailing the colorful accent to this outfit with her cute strappy shoes.  Love it!!

I just love this look, it is so simple and chic.  I love the light design in the skirt and the gym shoes. The structure of the white collar on the shirt is tailored so beautifully. I also love the flowy-ness and sheerness of the shirt. Very cute @hofsisters


Hope these looks inspire your individual inner-beauty look!!


Love in abundance,





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