February 22, 2017

A love letter….


Running the race…

I have recently gotten into the morning routine to stretch and move to worship music. It leaves me feeling filled with God’s grace and peace. I noticed on my morning commute into work, I quickly lose that peace by all the rushing and hustling happening around me. Today God challenged me to keep my peace as I commuted to work. I played worship music and stayed in His grace. The El ride was one of the most pleasant trips I had ever experienced. It felt like I was walking on clouds, and then suddenly this person cut me off, racing to get in front of me. I immediately felt anger rush up inside me, my first reaction was to rush past this person up the steps of the CTA and walk faster than them. I told myself no, I choose not to participate in the rat race. I literally stopped and moved to the side allowing those in a hurry (seemed like everyone) to pass by me. I took a moment to reconnect with God’s grace, thinking back to the worship movements of the morning. I continued to complete my morning commute at my own rhythm.

To My Greatest Love,

My dearest beloved! My love! I love it when you walk confidently in who you are. The rhythm of your step is the rhythm of the heartbeat I placed within you. Your rhythm is not affected by hurry but is only moved by purpose. Everyone is running the race, but my love I want for you to win. I am your biggest fan. Winning the race is not about beating someone else, winning the race is all about running your own race well. Winning is focusing on your own rhythm and following through without comparison to achieve the goals and dreams I have placed in your heart. No one can run at the same rhythm you can, so listen to the rhythm of my heart and follow it! If you ever lose your rhythm, my love, stop and listen for my voice, I will get you back in step again. Know that I am closer than ever cheering you on.


Your Biggest Fan

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