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March 3, 2017

God created beauty in all different ways.. introducing the beautiful Anu!!


It has been a dream of mine for the past year to get different women (sizes, shapes, backgrounds, ages, etc..) of God’s beauty up on the blog.  I am super excited to introduce to you our first individual inner-beauty client, Anu!!  What I love most about Anu is that she is the perfect blend of smart, confidence, and grace. One of the things I love most about Anu is she is so beautiful and doesn’t even realize it. She is just herself, and the beauty comes forth.  I love the beauty that comes out in her smile and the beautiful colors she accents in her looks.  She also has this amazing, beautiful curly hair! All natural!


Anu already has a killer work wardrobe and wanted to add to it by getting some inspiration for her weekend looks.  We put together this look for a possible after work happy hour or a first “let’s meet up for a drink” kind of date.  I love the pencil skirt because it shows off her beautiful curves and highlights her legs. The polished blouse and sweater speak to her inner beauty traits of intelligence and confidence. But those shoes tho…..  Fierce like her go-getter self!

I learn so much about the Indian culture from Anu. She just recently got back from a trip to India. She brought back some beautiful scarves that I was so blessed to receive. I will get it up on the blog shortly. She has taught me some great Indian beauty tips including oils to use for shiny hair. I love this clutch she is wearing in this look because it’s an antique clutch from India given to her by her mother. Culture and family are so important to her! I love that quality about her!


Inner- Beauty Qualities Embraced in Her Look

  1. Confidence – Sweater & Blouse
  2. Intelligence – Sweater & Blouse
  3. Go-Getter – Boots & Red lips
  4. Humility – The look in her eyes
  5. Grace – Hair and Smile
  6. Embraces Culture & Family – Clutch


Love Anu’s individual inner-beauty look!

Photography by Andi LP

Love in Abundance,




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  1. Regeni says:

    Great post today! Love the mention of cultural influences very cool !

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