May 11, 2017

Inner-Beauty and Fitness

Super excited to share with you guys an interview I did with Rebekah Marcano, my dear friend, and trainer for several years. I remember one day telling Rebekah, I want a dancer’s body. How do I workout to attain a body like that? She said, “You want a dancer’s body, then dance.”

Wow, it’s that simple. She helped me see that working out isn’t about just having the aesthetics; it’s about having a purpose. She revealed the vanity in my heart!  It sure didn’t feel good in that very moment, but I am forever grateful that she spoke the truth!!

I knew immediately I needed to train with her. I signed up the next day!

I now want to share her great fitness wisdom with you. I hope you enjoy this interview, we had a great time filming it. A quick disclaimer we shot this video a few months back hoping to post it for the New Years resolution season. It was our first video and we came across a lot of hurdles.  We are so grateful that we were able to get it posted, and hope you enjoy it.


Check out Rebekah’s website for great blog posts, fitness advice, and videos!!! You can also contact her regarding personal training sessions as well.


Remember you are beautiful,



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