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May 31, 2017

Introducing the Beautiful, Rebekah Marcano

Rebekah is a woman full of strength (black outfit) and perseverance. She laughs at the future knowing she has everything she needs in the present.  She is a woman who raised her son as a single mom and has given him the best childhood a boy could have ever lived.


She is an entrepreneur who has arrived and it shows in her eyes. She inspires those around her to live a life full of happiness, fun and good health, just by being around her. This fun and gorgeous top both accentuates her beauty and represents the playfulness of her spirit.


The shoes in this outfit are the ultimate accessory that allows her to move the way she was created to move.  Have you seen her move tho?


Styled by MGL

Photography by Andi LP.


Love in abundance,

Jamie Vallejo

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