June 2, 2017

The Bold…. the Fierce… the Beautiful Erica Williams

Erica, just like the design and cut of her dress, is a woman full of ferocity. Boldy, like the color of her shoes, in 2016 she claimed 2017 to be her year and hasn’t looked back once ever since. The A-line shape of the dress embraces her figure similar to the way she embraces growth from all her life experiences both positive and negative. It is exactly for this reason that she is able to stand so tall and strong before you and I. I am so inspired by the inner beauty shining from the inside out.  It’s breathtaking!

Erica came to me asking for some advice on how to spice up her look for a Common Threads fundraising event she was attending.  The first visions that came to my mind for her look were tassels and color!  I was already familiar with her dress, so we just needed a nice accent to make her look feel very springy and beautiful.  I think we found the perfect shoe!!!  I like to report that I attended the event with her and her shoes were as Erica would say “the hotness”.  I was so happy to hear all the compliments she got on her shoes!!


How are you accenting your looks for spring? Leave  a comment below. I would love to learn about other ideas!


Love in abundance,





Photography by Andi LP

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