June 8, 2017

Love Letter – Love is security!


To My Greatest Love;

My love, it breaks my heart to watch you believe a lie. You have been believing that I have forgotten about you. That one desire that has been burning so hard in your heart that it brings tears to your face when you think about it;  I haven’t forgotten about you or it, my dear. I have a gift that will full-fill your desires more than you can imagine.

My love, don’t listen to what the world has to say about you and your story.  Unlike me, they do not know the future, how you were created and what my will is for your life. So stop listening to what they have to say, and start looking up to the one who loves you more than you can ever understand.

My love, stay focused on me! You are defined by me, the only one who loves you unconditionally.  Your security is in my love.  Now come my dear, spend some time with me so I can show you more about my will for your life!  You will never regret choosing my perfect will for your life.


Your truest love


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