June 30, 2017

To My Greatest Love – Righteousness


To My Greatest Love;

My dear you are growing more lovely day by day, stronger then the day before.  My love I noticed your getting upset the other day because you saw someone state something that was righteous but then they turned around and did the exact opposite of what they stated. Why did that make you angry? Why did that irritate you?

Perhaps you are angry due to the injustice of the situation.  Because I designed you to be beautiful and this is not beautiful, it is quite the contrary.  Knowledge is powerful but wisdom is transformational, my love. Simply having knowledge of what is right is not enough, wisdom is walking in righteousness. But my love, you cannot walk in righteousness on your own only through my unconditional love can you truly walk in righteousness. Why is this you ask?

My love, the world is full of evil as well as good. When you are subjected to the evil in the world it results in your heart being hurt and suffering in pain. It builds a hardening layer around your heart. This results in lack of clarity due to cloudiness and confusion experienced in your heart.  Only through my unconditional love can you be fully reconciled to the image that you were originally designed. My love will unhardened your heart. Tearing off the layers one by one, slowly overtime.  You will feel a heavy burden lifted and a warm sensation in your heart. When you allow me to love you, it allows you to walk in wisdom. Then and only then are you transformed, no longer the person you were before.



Your Truest Love

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