December 7, 2017

God’s Heart for US


I just returned from a beautiful road trip through the mountains to visit my best friend Angela.  I was on my way to see not only her newly constructed house but also to meet her new little baby girl, Tessa.  Angela and I go way back, ten years back, we met at our church and were in a woman’s small group together. Angela and I are two peas in a pod. We are so much alike it’s not even funny. Not only do we enjoy God’s word and wisdom but we also love leadership, entrepreneurship, and Hallmark movie marathons!!  LOL! Angela has so many beautiful characteristics not only is she beautiful on the outside she is on the inside as well. When I went through my divorce Angela was gracious enough to let me live in her spare bedroom for three months to be away from the apartment my ex and I lived in to help give me a better perspective on that season in life.  It was her kind gesture that not only made me close to her but made me realize the importance of great community.



A year ago, Angela called me and let me now she got a job in Virginia and she would be moving shortly.  It was one of saddest phone calls I had ever received.  She was always just a short ten-minute ride from my house, I could just stop by at the drop of a dime.    She and her sweet little dog “diggity” (aka Dawson) were always there with smiling faces to welcome me. Now, knowing she will be hours away, it broke my heart, but at the same time, I was super excited for her as she pursued her dream of working in academia.  After a career in fortune 500 companies, it was time for a new season in her life, and I knew this job at Radford University was going to be exactly what God had for her for in this season.  I can see her inner-beauty radiating inside out as she tells me about her new job,community and co-workers.   I could really see how God was taking all her talents, gifts, personality and purpose and bringing them together. It is a beautiful sight to see. She is a student at heart, just receiving her doctrine a few years ago in Chicago. Her heart to learn, her ability to lead, her experience, the perfect season in her life. God is at work.


Okay can I just tell you the moment I placed my eyes on little Tessa, my heart skipped a beat.  She was sound asleep, little did she know auntie Jamie was hovering over her with a huge big smile on her face. OMG, the adorable little hands and feet.  She is a little angel from above. Even to this day, Angela sends me videos and pics and I still have the same feeling everytime I see her pics and videos.  I mean think about that little baby in your life, that is just complete joy when you look into their little eyes.  Isnt’ that an amazing feeling to experience?


Well God showed me that that very same feeling I feel when I look at Tessa, is the exact same way he feels about me when he looks at me.  He doesn’t see all the imperfections. He see the beauty that he created.  He feels the exact same way about you.  You are his greatest love. Perfection! You are the apple of his eyes. You are the reason he gets up every morning. Don’t you see you are beautiful and loved, it is the very reason for your existence.  He felt this way about you when you were just a thought in your parents head.    Long before your parents met, and their parents met and their parents met.  You were loved by God and has always been in his mind and part of His plan.  Your entire exsistence is based off of unconditional love.  He is still there. He is sitting right next to you.  He is holding you tight when you cry at night all by yourself.  He is there laughing with you, when you are sharing a memory with a friend.  He is always with you, even when you are not aware of it.  Because He is a good father, and loves his beautiful princess. He loves you because of your heart. He sees you pursuing him every day and it makes Him so happy and so proud of you. He knows its tough and he hears your prayers.  Look above your circumstances up at Him.  Your next step is right there where you left it when you looked away.







Mommy and baby!!

Decor for Baby Tessa’s shower

Tessa looking all cozy and stylish in her winter gear!! Fashionista church lady in the making!!



My smile is way too big… Tessa stole my heart. So honored to be her aunt!!


I hope this post warms your heart and makes you feel a certain way about the way God sees you.  Remember you are his greatest love! =)!



Love in abundance,




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