How to Discover Your Beauty

January 3, 2018

The Definition of Beauty: The Dream



The perfect castle. Pic by IG: Monalogue

After years and years of failed attempts at romance and a recent divorce, a few years back I decided to go into complete isolation to truly hear from God. I remember hearing stories about how Jesus is constantly pursuing us. I read books about His pursuit.  These love stories always left me breathless and in tears. I was determined to experience this love firsthand. I needed to know this was real.  As I started out my journey with discovering my beauty, I wanted to know what my Heavenly Father had to say about my beauty.  I spent much time in isolation. I cried out to God “Why do you think I am beautiful?” I don’t feel beautiful. What could possibly be beautiful about me?” I opened the door to let God into my life. Waiting to hear from Him, as He fervently pursued me.


Pic by Kayla Lynn


I had a dream as a response to my prayers. I was in a glamorous castle and I was looking into a mirror. I was breathless when I looked at my reflection. I was gorgeous.  It was a version of me I had never seen before, it was as though I was staring at an angel. I was floating in the air, there was this light beaming out of my body from my chest outward. I was gorgeous!!  My skin was perfection, I was slender, the body of a dancer and my hair was long thick and full of curls. I had never seen a more beautiful version of myself. I was so full of grace and love.

Pic by Kayla Lynn



There was no haughtiness in this dream, never once did I look at myself and say “Damm I look good”.  My heart was filled with love, grace, humility, and most of all a quiet spirit. There was no competition, no comparison or my perception of myself when I looked in the mirror.  I felt my Heavenly Father’s presence behind me, and I felt my husband’s (Jesus) presence on my left-hand side, and within my heart  (The Holy Spirit) I felt a love so strong and it was circulating from my chest to the Father than to Jesus and then back to my heart.  Never until this moment had I ever felt so connected, so loved, so valued, and so full of worth. I truly felt like royalty in the sense that my heavenly Father had intended it for me.


Love in abundance,








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