January 9, 2018

Introducing MGL’s Rosegold Scarf!

MGL Rosegold Scarf. Pic by Kayla Lynn


As you know God has been placing in my heart these past few years to explore my creative talents. I listened to Him this past fall by entrenching myself back into something I loved doing, knitting. I remember when I was going through my healing process, knitting was one of my outlets.  It brought me so much joy, to help balance the negative emotions and experiences God was bringing to surface to heal me.


I jumped right back into knitting like I never stopped. I guess its kind of like riding a bike, you never forget how to ride.  Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to work with Brian Erden a designer of exotic and luxury rugs. I did some financial consulting for his company and got to learn the details of his business.  He recently founded his company Erden rugs and resides in both Chicago and Nepal. He is constantly traveling as he pursues the business vision.  He has the yarn made in Peru and then he ships it to Nepal to have the rugs made.  He created a rug that mixed metals with yarn.  I absolutely love it.

Pic from Erden Travel Blog

Pic from Erden Travel Blog


His creation got me inspired to mix yarn and metals in knitting.  I found a really cute scarf pattern from Wool and the Gang and knitted a twisted chain scarf with this beautiful textures soft pink yarn. I started playing with my jewelry and the scarf. I had a vision of a rosegold scarf.  I took a rose gold necklace pendant and started placing it on the scarf.  I loved it.


I immediately researched rosegold charms and came across this 14k gold plated leave rosegold charm.


MGL Rosegold Scarf. Pic by Kayla Lynn


I loved it. I strategically placed 11 charms on the scarf and fell in love.  Its the perfect luxury accent piece to add to any outfit.   My thoughts when I created this scarf were to style it the way I would style a designer purse with my outfits, you can add it to any casual outfit and it will give it that perfect touch of elegance. Or you can add it to a dressy outfit to give it that extra fancy!


The scarf is handmade with so much love by yours truly. I had you in mind when I made this scarf.  The rose gold charms represent the royalty you are as a daughter of the highest, the intricate pattern represents your unique beauty, and the softness and the light pink color of the yarn represent your femininity. Check out the MGL Esty Shop for more details of the scarf and how you can order your very own scarf.


Love in abundance,






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