How to Discover Your Beauty

February 7, 2018

The Definition of Beauty: How God sees your beauty?

Photo by Kayla Lynn


Finally, the last word to study of the verse “O my love you are altogether beautiful and fair. There is no flaw in you.”


God does not see our beauty as external only, he sees our beauty in its entirety. Entirety goes a little bit further than we discussed the other day.  What till you see what I discovered when I researched the word fair.



When I looked up the word fair in the John Gill’s Exposition of the Bible, I was blown away by how it was defined.


“Fair = no blackness of herself. Someone who was so black and uncomely in herself should be so fair and beautiful in his eyes, through his blood, righteousness, and grace; and as a note of asseveration assuring her of the truth of it, which she might be opt to call into question; and to prevent which, it is also repeated, thou [art] fair, exceeding fair really so , both inwardly and outwardly. both with respect to justification and sanctification.”


When I think back to the Dream ( you can read it here if you missed it), I believe God was showing me the way he sees me. I was so amazed by the reflection I saw in the mirror and the love I felt in the dream.  It was hard to recognize me, but I knew it was me.  It’s like my heavenly father gave me his eyes to see.


Here I thought this scripture was just describing the whiteness of her skin because that’s what I understood fair to mean.  Wow was this an eye-opener for me.

So God sees us the way He created us.  He sees us the way He intended us to live, not the way we actually live and see ourselves.  I believe when I die and go to heaven I will look exactly like the image in the mirror of that dream.  You see that beautiful woman is alive inside of me, dying to come out.  God wants more than anything to release that beautiful woman. Unfortunately, the brokenness of the world has held me back in believing I am really that valued, loved and worthy to be the person God created me to be. So many lies have held me back.  How about you? How are you holding back from living the life God designed you to have?


Love in abundance,






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