April 11, 2018

Dressing Your Soul….

Photo by: Stephen Guzman



The other day, while I was sitting in meditation the thought came to me. How much time am I taking to dress my soul before I exit my front door each day?  

I thought about how much time I spend on styling my look, hair, and make-up. The time in the morning to work out, eat a healthy breakfast and prepare a healthy to go lunch. I make sure I take care of all these to do’s each morning and leave meditation as the last thing I do, with what time is left over. 

I was convicted on my daily morning priority list.

So today I pose the question to you, how much time each morning do you spend on dressing your soul?

Perhaps some questions to ponder as you dress your soul in the mornings.

  • Are you filled to the brim with Christ-likeness when you leave the door?
  • Have you dealt with the hurts and disappointments of yesterday?
  • Have you praised God for the victories of yesterday?
  • Have you asked God for forgiveness for the sins of yesterday?
  • Have you quieted your soul to hear how he wants to lead you today? 
  • What is He cautioning you about as you walk into this day?
  • What is the one thing God is telling you to be aware of as you go out into your day?
  • What is the one thing God wants you to accomplish today, above everything else?

God showed me that my day would be so much more productive if I started it with a clean soul.  A soul that is empty of the regrets of yesterday, expectations of others, unnecessary pressure to perform, anxiety, stress, feeling overwhelmed……all things not from Him.

He showed me that if I took the time to dress my soul in the morning, I would use my time exactly the way I needed to in order to get done what was necessary for the day.  Dressing my soul would also give me the right perspective to enjoy this day He gave me.  

Tomorrow morning why don’t we challenge ourselves to spend equal amounts of time dressing our souls as we do preparing and dressing our external bodies. 

I want to hear what God tells you to do and how it changed your perspective of getting ready in the morning.  Please share by leaving a comment below.


Love in abundance,


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  1. Chris Martin says:

    This is beautiful J…love Chris

    • Jamie Vallejo says:

      So glad you enjoyed this post. It was a humbling experience for me to recognize this new found wisdom! So glad I got to do 2018 vision boards standing next to you! 😊

  2. Laura says:

    Best post yet, Lady J! I loved the vision board story that led into this post. What’s been in my mind, nudging at me is exactly that: dressing my soul every morning. I have not been diligent about it and it’s made things harder. Thank you for sharing.

    • Jamie Vallejo says:

      Thank you so much for the words of encouragement. The effects of dressing my soul daily is transforming my life. Wow!! The wisdom and insight He is giving are incredible. What I think are petty little nothing notions of my day, he is showing me the significance and hidden treasures of these notions. I highly recommend trying it. Let me know what God starts showing you. Share the wisdom. I will be sharing more of the insights he is sharing with me!

  3. Dana says:

    It does make a difference my soul feels less vulnerable when i spend time reading the Bible and listening to What God is bringing to my attention. When God reminds me I dress Talia and Andrew. The day i prayed for her, her principal of her school was in such a good mood at pick up time. It’s like the grace kept spreading to people Talia encountered. Amazing!

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