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January 28, 2019

The Strangest Place to Find Healing

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It is my hope in sharing my story that it will help someone else to learn how to go inwards to find God’s voice and move according to his gentle whisper.

Last week on the blog I shared how I asked God “Am I beautiful?”, before I get into the details of his answers I want to share with you the obstacles I had to overcome in order to even hear his answer.

The beautiful quality of Jesus is that he meets you where you are at.  How many times have you found yourself asking him questions, demanding answers and you feel like his response is so vague and confusing to you? Or worse even yet you don’t even hear a response.

You are pouring your heart out to God and you are so angry because his word says he will never abandon you but you feel completely abandoned.

This my dear friend could be a symptom of a calloused heart.  I found that the level of my frustration was equal to the deepness of a wound inside my heart.  My desire to get a quick answer was due to the pressure of the wound and I just wanted a quick relief.

Here is where the rubber meets the road, the answer I was looking for was found in my pain.

You see we pray and ask God to remove our pain, and because we are so used to this microwave culture we live in where we don’t have to wait for anything. If you have a pain, pop a pill and it is taken away.  We have a very bandaid approach to fixing things in our culture, but that is not the way of God.

Have you ever watched or read the book “The Shack”? If you haven’t I highly suggest it.  This story so beautifully emulates how God heals.  He takes you back to the root of where the pain started.

I learned in my journey, that just like a broken bone that starts to heal in the wrong position, you have to break it again and reposition it so it can heal to be new again.  It’s painful at first, but in the end, you realize it was so worth it.

Jesus took me back to the root of my pain, it was not fun and it felt cruel. However, once I was there Jesus started to reveal so many truths that I didn’t see when I first experienced that pain, it was like I was like scrooge and I got a chance to go back to my past and relive it.  He showed me new perspectives that I never had realized initially because my pain was so strong it blinded me.

Stay tuned for next week’s posts where I will be sharing 3 things that God showed me about my past and how these insights transformed me into the healed women I am today!


Love in abundance,



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