April 1, 2019

A Reflection of His Image

So here I am asking God “Am I Beautiful?”, my ears are now open and I am ready to hear his answer.  The first thing God showed me about my beauty, is that it is not tied to my outside appearance but to the image of God inside of me.

He told me that if I studied his beauty, I would learn more about who he is and the beauty he placed inside of me.  

So I started my journey of studying God’s beauty, one night when I fell asleep I had a dream. Have you ever had a dream that stayed with you during the day after you woke up?  You carried the feelings that you experienced in the dream with you throughout the day.  Perhaps you may have even called a loved one to make sure they were okay because you had a bad dream about them.  Yes, that kind of dream that when you dreamed it it felt so real. This is the kind of dream I had, but the emotions were not from a place of fear, the emotions came from a place of unconditional love. I was on a high, kind of like when you fall in love with someone for the first time and the love is brand new.  I felt the after effects of this dream for a week straight. 

The dream was so profound, I was in a huge palace (God always has me dream of castles) and I was looking into this mirror. The scenery around me was foggy as if there was a dry ice machine blowing dry ice at me. Its the best way I can describe it.  My reflection in the mirror was drop dead gorgeous, I was floating in the air. I looked like a perfect angel from heaven. It didn’t fully look like me, but when I took a closer look  I could see it was me but a better version of me. Kind of like when you see someone who lost like 50 pounds, you do a double take because you are like, “Oh wait that is them?”.   I looked like I grew a foot taller, my skin was glowing, my hair was so long and gorgeous, my make up was gorgeous and perfect. I looked like a woman in front of a beauty magazine. I was so GORGEOUS!!!  My reflection was floating and I felt a synergy of unconditional love surrounding me.  I felt a male figure on my left side holding my hand, he felt like my husband. I couldn’t see his face, but I could sense his huge love and adoration for me.  For years I tried to go back in my mind to see his face, so I could see who my future husband was until God revealed to me this wasn’t my future husband, this was my one and only true husband Jesus.  Behind me I sensed a strong male figure presence, he had his hands on my shoulders and I could see his white hair and beard but not his face.  I sensed a profound love of adoration and protection from this figure, it was my heavenly Father. I had never experienced this kind of love.  It was this circular synergy that was flowing from the heavenly father, to my husband, then to me and then all the way around again.  I was literally on cloud nine.  I had never felt so loved and adored as I did in that dream. It was so a powerful, healing and transforming experience!!!

After many conversations with dream interpreters and mentors about this dream, and just sitting with God about what this dreamed meant and how do I get it back. LOL!!  God revealed his answer.  He showed me that the beautiful version of myself in the reflection of that mirror was how both the heavenly father and Jesus see me. I am flawless, holy and complete perfection in their eyes.  God helped me see that if I wanted to discover the beauty they see in me, I had to spend more time with them and learn how to see myself the way they see me.  The heavenly Father designed me to magnify a beauty that was reflective of how he saw me. It was my life purpose to find the path to this version of myself and share it with the world. 

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