April 8, 2019

Multi-Dimensional Beauty


So I sat there enamored by the dream I had about my beauty, I felt God impress upon my heart that if I wanted to learn more about how to bring that beauty out of myself, I could learn how to do this by studying his beauty.

I said “Yes, Lord. I want to study your beauty.”And that’s when I truly felt a shift,  I have had so many boyfriends in my life for the fear of being alone, but I had never experienced a pursuit like this, I felt Jesus pursuing me as a husband.  His pursuit was ever so perfect, he whispered the right words into my heart at the exact right time, he asked me on a date where he put on a full concert just for me to remind me just how important I was to him.  Everything from the poems read, the lyrics sung and the beautiful melodies of string instruments, he orchestrated it all as a pursuit.  He knew exactly what would move me when it came to the pleasure of the sounds I heard, the words that spoke to my heart and the beautiful poem that reminded me who I was to him. This was just the beginning.

 The next thing I felt him place on my heart was to take some time off of work to spend with him.  Within a couple of weeks, God opened the door to an opportunity that would allow me to spend a week in the mountains of Tennessee. A city girl, living and loving the concrete jungle for 20 years, I never ever thought to venture out to the mountains.  I always took vacation trips to other big cities or tropical places.

So here I am my bags packed, Jesus told me let’s get on the road and enjoy the trip to the mountains.  I dropped the top of my convertible and we started our 8-hour journey to Tennessee.  It was the most beautiful road trip I had ever experienced.  It went by so quickly, as I started to see the very beginnings of the Smoky Mountains, Phil Whickham’s song  “You’re Beautiful” came on the radio.  This is where I want you to stop and take a moment to listen to the lyrics of this song and imagine seeing the beauty of mountains ahead of you, in a convertible so you can see all around you.  Imagine, Jesus pursuing you and he in the passenger seat showing you the beauty and wonder of his father, you suddenly realize that the family you had always dreamed of, the one that accepts you and loves you just the way you are, yes that one,  you are already a member of this family.  Now Jesus and the Heavenly Father reveal to you that all this was created specifically for you. 

The next couple days I experienced the fresh air in the mountains, saw the beauty of the grass fields, flowers, the trees, the extraordinary views from the tops of the mountains, ate the delicious foods in the mountains, listened to the beautiful sounds of the birds and nature, and felt the beautiful warmth from the sun on my face. Then I felt God place in my heart, “You see Jamie, your beauty is like my beauty it is multi-dimensional.  Just like you enjoy my creation from all your senses, your beauty is magnified when you see it as more than just the surface level.  I created your beauty to be multi-dimensional.  Every aspect about you, your personality, your gifts, your mannerisms, your loud vivacious laugh, your ability to love and serve others, your dreams, your ability to see me in all aspects of your life, your ability to find the joy I have for you in this life, all of these things are what makes you beautiful.  If you want to portray the beauty of the reflection you saw in the mirror in your dream, then start to look at your beauty from a  multidimensional perspective. This is how I see you and this is how the heavenly father sees you.”

I sat there in the mountains with tears of joy in my eyes. For the very first time in my life, I was looking at my beauty the way God designed it.

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