April 15, 2019

Discovering Passion in a Beautiful Estate

So my answer to beauty didn’t end there, that profound answer that I received was not it.  In retrospect, when I think about how profound that answer was, I couldn’t believe at that moment that there could be anything more but I was wrong.

The next day I felt God stirring in my heart to venture out and find a cute town with a downtown area. Somewhere I could have an amazing culinary experience.  After researching, I came across a town called Asheville, North Carolina.  It was a good 2-3 hours away, but I felt a strong prompting to take yet another small road trip to this town.  So that is exactly what I did, I got up early and started out for Asheville. I arrived in the late morning and found this beautiful downtown area which included a farmers market where I bought some beautifully scented soaps that were organically handmade. Something about local businesses and handmade products brings me joy to know my money was giving back to these businesses.

For lunch, I found this super cute restaurant, in the middle of the downtown area. I was able to stop there and rest my legs from walking around the very large farmers market. As I was eating I came across this tourist list of things to do and I found the Biltmore Vanderbilt Estate tour.  I felt a strong inclination to head to the estate.  I finish my lunch and ran out the door to get in my car and head to the estate.

Can I just tell you how grand and lovely this estate was, there was a good two-mile small winding road that leads to the estate?  It was a gorgeous scene of nothing but beautiful nature, greenery, and very tall and thin trees. It truly was a journey driving up to the estate.  I enter an area to park my car and with excitement, I quickly grab my purse and ran towards the estate. I thought if this was just the entrance into this place, what does it look like and then over the small bridge, I came to the front of the estate (See the picture above).  It was like I was on an episode of Downton Abbey. OMG, this place was gorgeous!!!

All the people around me were excited about a tour, but me, my life was going to be transformed with this experience at the estate. God was moving in my heart, and I had so much anticipation to get in through the doors. I got my ticket for the tour and got my little headset to hear about the history of each room.  ROYALTY…. R to the O to the Y to the A to the L to the T to the Y!!! I felt like ROYALTY.  I felt like I found my home. Walking into each room, there was a total of 250 rooms in the estate. The estate included 35 family and guest bedrooms, 43 bathrooms, 65 fireplaces, three kitchens and 19th-century novelties such as electric elevators, forced-air heating, centrally controlled clocks, fire alarms, and my favorite a call bell system.  In the tour, we didn’t get to see all of the rooms, but enough to get the idea of the design and the way of life.  I felt something ignite inside of me. I felt an experience that was so personal and it had my creative juices FLOWING.  I had visions of a grand place like this as a place for women to go to discover their beauty.  I saw a beautiful farm to table kitchen and restaurant. I saw a spa that had the views of the mountains off the balcony in the back of the estate, I saw grand libraries to fill our heads with knowledge, I saw grand closets with designer clothes, I saw luxurious vanities with the best make-up and skincare and treatments. I saw grand dinners, tea parties in the beautiful flower garden, I saw a place where women would find their home.  They would return to their status of Royalty. An experience that would show them their worth and remind of them of why they were created and what it is they are here to do.

This is where a passion inside of me was birthed to create an experience where women could feel all of these things.  I felt God impress upon my heart to create a blog, a virtual place where women can go to experience not only the rejuvenation and restorations of their bodies but the rejuvenation and restoration of their souls. I hope the blog has given you this sense and I am praying for God to reveal to me how I can create a physical space like this, that would be an inner-beauty incubator, once a woman came through the front doors of this place she would never be the same when she left. Just like me at this estate.

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  1. Barbara Span says:

    My experience has been exactly that. A place of peace and safety. I have discovered more than I expected attending just one Summit. I joined a place that feels like home. This place has made a royal change in my life I had no clue I had need of. So, I invited my friends to join in hopes that they will discover their unique beauty enabling them to embrace all that they were created for and more.

    • Jamie Vallejo says:

      This brings so much joy to my heart! God is so great at showing us something that we didn’t even know we needed, and its exactly what we needed! So so grateful to have you as part of the Inner Beauty Movement!

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