April 21, 2019

Purpose in the Flower Garden

As I finish my tour inside the huge mansion, I quickly gave back my earpiece and found a path that leads to the side of the estate. My curiosity got the best of me so I followed the trail.

After some time of walking on a path, it led me to the flower garden.


It was all so heavenly, I felt like God was giving me his version of a boutique of flowers.  Everything he does for me is bigger than I could imagine.

I found myself in the garden for hours. I looked at every square inch of that garden. I admired each flower and noticed how each one is uniquely different. I felt God’s beauty present telling me to look closer.

I walked into the greenhouse and my heart lit up.  There was Victorian style furniture inside along with classical music playing in the background.  I felt like the purple cloth was placed on my shoulder and I knew I was home.

As I looked at the flowers in the greenhouse, I remembered a story my friend shared with me. She said one flower doesn’t look at another and says, “Oh you are more beautiful than me”. No, a flower knows its beauty is one of kind.  But what’s even more beautiful is when you place different flowers together in a boutique, where they complement each other and magnify each other’s beauty even more.

I had a vision of a stadium as big as Soldiers Field, where it was filled with women and I could sense the beauty/fashion industry’s presence in the vision. I was on the stage and as I looked to my right, I saw a group of women start a wave and it started slowly and trickled up into the top bleachers and eventually became this huge motion across the who stadium. It kind of felt like the Beyonce concert I attended there not too long ago. Women were on fire!!!  This is where I discovered my purpose, I am here to start the movement.

I believe he has a message for the beauty and fashion industry.  I believe he wants to teach every woman that their beauty is unique and astounding able to stand on its own.  I believe for the industry he wants to show women that their beauty is magnified when they lift one another up in their unique beauty and come up beside one another. Beauty is not about competition, its like a bouquet of flowers it is about coming together to enhance each other’s beauty.


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Love in abundance,



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