April 29, 2019

The Best Version of Yourself is Your Authentic Self




So if you haven’t checked out Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday interview with William Paul Young, author of “The Shack”, then I highly suggest you do so when you get a free second. 

He said in the interview.  “The process of transformation is not about becoming something that we weren’t, it’s about unveiling what we were the whole time”

CAN I GET AN AMEN!  He hit the hammer right on the head!  This was exactly my experience when pursuing inner beauty.  In the end, I discovered I was always beautiful. I had to unveil all the lies I believed about myself to discover the true beauty that was sitting there inside me the entire time.  

Inner beauty consists of many things, from our gifts, our likes, our personalities, the way we look,  our dreams, our ability to love above all else, these are all aspects of our beauty.  I believe God showed me that being a reflection of his image is walking out authentically who I am as he created me. When I use all the attributes of beauty he gave me, then I magnify beauty by being a light to others. By serving others with the gifts and talents he gave me.

Again William Paul Young dropped yet another wisdom nugget during the interview;

“The movement toward wholeness is when the way of our being matches the truth of our being.”

He again nailed it!!

When we embrace who God created us to be, by going inward to see how he uniquely created us. By developing a close relationship with our creator, and listening to his voice about who he says we are, then we walk in our true authentic selves.  There is nothing but confidence, true authentic long-lasting joy, clarity and passion to live out the life he created you for.  

This is what the inner beauty lifestyle is all about.  It’s discovering how he uniquely made you beautiful and learning to walk in it so you can live the best version of yourself.

If that does not make you want to go deeper to discover your unique beauty, I am not sure what else could possibly influence you to live a life of inner beauty.

Who is with me?

Love in abundance,


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