July 14, 2020

How to Pursue Your Purpose with Urgency – Part 2

Let’s start by looking at the definition of Urgency and Pressure;


Urgency[ ur-juh n-see ]


urgent character; imperativeness; insistence; importunateness.




  1. compelling or requiring immediate action or attention; imperative; pressing:


  1. insistent or earnest in solicitation; importunate, as a person:


  1. expressed with insistence, as requests or appeals:




1 ) a command.

2) something that demands attention or action; an unavoidable 

obligation or requirement; necessity:




  1. compelling attention or notice:




  1. urgent or persistent in solicitation, sometimes annoyingly so.


Pressure[ presh-er ]


  1. the exertion of force upon a surface by an object, fluid, etc., in contact with it:

verb (used with object), pres·sured, pres·sur·ing.

  1. to force (someone) toward a particular end; influence:


One of the biggest differences God has shown me between these two words is one is a command (a request to be considered) and the other is something that is being forced.  He showed me that Urgency is from Him and Pressure is from the enemy.  


Whenever we feel stuck, limited, out of time, money, resources, whenever we feel cornered, this is the work of the enemy.  He pushes us in a corner to believe there is no way out.  He creates circumstances to put pressure on us to do the very thing He is forcing us to do.


When it comes to God, He allows our circumstances to show us the urgency of a new plan.  For example, if you have the same situation showing up in your life over and over again, for example, you keep trying to start that new business or ministry and your keep running out of money, or you try to hire a mentor or coach to help you build this business/ministry and you find yourself getting the same feedback about your idea or concept but you don’t get a solution, you keep trying to pay off that debt but every time you are making progress another emergency happens and you find yourself picking up your credit card. 


You are actively making movements to walk in God’s purpose for your life but you feel like God is not helping you. You believe you hear His voice and make your move, but then you find out it was just another failure.


God allows our circumstances to show us that what we have been doing is not working because even though we have shown ourselves 90% faithful, it is still unfaithfulness.  My beloved God is showing you in your circumstances that the last 10% of faithfulness is one that should be considered with urgency.  He knows better than we do that this last 10% is a game-changer and will give you the success He placed in your heart for His will for your life. He knows that if the enemy continues to corner us and force us to make decisions that pull us away from 100% faithfulness to God, then our disappointment will turn into heartbreak and heartbreak will turn into deep sorrow.


Remember the UNIQUE beauty’s journey displayed in the book of the Bible Song of Solomon.  There are 4 phases of the bride’s love to full devotion to her groom. 


Phase 1: Surface Level Beauty – It’s all about me.  –  My Beloved is to me.  (Song of Solomon 1:13-14)


Phase 2: Naive Beauty/Bride – He belongs to me  and I also belong to Him. – My Beloved is mine and I am his  (Song of Solomon 2:16)


Phase 3: Dedicated Beauty/Bride – I belong to Him and He belongs to me. He owns me, but I still have rights to Him. (Song of Solomon 6:3)


Phase 4: 100% Devoted Beauty/Bride – I am my Beloveds’ and His desire is toward me. She is saying I belong to him. He owns me. His concerns are what I care about the most. (Song of Solomon 7:10)


One of the biggest Urgencies that God wills for you and for me is that we would die to ourselves fully and become the UNIQUE beauty He created us to be.  It is not about the pressure to become the woman He created us to be, it is about a sense of Urgency to let go of the lies that hold us back from magnifying the beauty that is already right there inside of us that we can’t always see in our circumstances.  He knows that once you and I make the decision to be fully devoted based on His urgent request, only then will we experience true joy and fulfillment.

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  1. Lisa says:

    To think that holding back even 10% of our faithfulness to God could keep us from living out our purpose in Him fully is truly a sobering thought. This post for me illuminates the need for us to just abandon ourselves totally to Christ, let go of our doubts and trust Him.

    • Jamie Vallejo says:

      Such powerful insight!! Thank you so much for sharing your response. Just a shift of 10% can mean so much in our lives!

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