July 28, 2020

How to Pursue Your Purpose with Urgency – Part 4


No matter where you are in your purpose journey, whether you are in the discovery phase or the implementation phase, the number one thing to know about walking BOLDLY in your purpose is that it has to COST you something.


Point blank, if it doesn’t COST you something, then when the going gets tough (and it’s just a matter of time before it will happen) without a COST, there is no skin in the game to keep you DRIVEN to pursue your purpose BOLDLY!


Have you ever asked yourself the question, what is the COST for me to walk in my purpose? Maybe the very question itself is striking a nerve because you know you already sacrificed so much for your purpose.  


This is good if you already know the cost of your purpose. Today if this is you reading this blog post, I want to encourage you to sit in that place where it struck a nerve.  I want you to remember today what that cost was for you to pursue your purpose.  I want you to think about everything you sacrificed and all the energy, time, and money you already invested in your purpose up until this point.  Remember all of the grit and perseverance that you endured over this past season to keep moving forward on your purpose journey. 


I want to be the first to tell you “God is looking down on you and saying that is my girl, I am so proud of her. When I tell her to move, she moves without hesitation, when I tell her to forgive, she forgives and let’s go, when I tell her it’s time to face her fears, she walks through them with me.”  God is so proud of you and He is reminding you today that you didn’t sacrifice what you did and invest everything you did for nothing.  He hasn’t forgotten His promise.  He is Faithful!


For those of you who don’t have a COST just yet, I wanted to encourage you as well today.  Our beloved groom showed us how to walk in BOLDLY in our purpose when He gave up His throne in heaven to serve His Beloved bride here on earth.  Jesus showed us that the CROSS was His COST.  It COST Him His very life here on earth.  


Have you ever watched the movie “The Passion”?  Every time I think of the way my BELOVED walked BOLDLY in His purpose, I think of the scene in the movie The Passion, when Jesus BOLDLY picks up the cross after being knocked down with complete determination in His eyes to walk out the PURPOSE His Father called Him to. I believe He did it with courage and honor, despite how horrific the circumstances.  I believe Jesus had grit and perseverance as He carried that cross to calvary. He knew that if He didn’t do it, God’s people would never be reconciled back to God. He was thinking of you and of me when He was carrying that cross.


So if you are still wondering what your COST is when it comes to your PURPOSE, let me ask you one more question.


What group of people will suffer as a result of you not walking BOLDLY in your purpose?  Who will you be letting down?  Just remember today that they are waiting for you on the other side of this current obstacle. They are praying for the solution that ONLY you can bring to them. Think of them. I promise you when I think of all the women who are suffering from the belief that they are defined by surface-level beauty, it ignites a passion inside of me to keep pushing through, keep moving forward because it breaks my heart knowing that she does not know the source of her true beauty.  


I encourage you UNIQUE beauty that you have everything you need inside of you today to keep you moving BOLDLY forward in your purpose.  


You are RIGHTEOUSNESS in Christ, put off the lies that are currently holding you back and put on HUMILITY, GENTLENESS, PATIENCE, BEARING WITH OTHERS IN LOVE, SPEAKING TRUTH, KINDNESS, AND COMPASSION.

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