Ever since the interview a few weeks back, God is reaffirming in my heart the desire to lead.   I came across a twenty-year-old video of a young and passionate Bill Hybels giving a speech at the 1995 leadership summit on Vision Casting.  His speech added fuel to the fire of my soul. Helping me realize […]

For those of you who follow me on Facebook, you may have seen my tribute to one of my mentors from afar, Bill Hybels who recently retired from his senior pastor role at my church Willowcreek Community Church. The news came unexpectedly to us church members, for we were expecting him to retire in October. Due […]

    The other day, while I was sitting in meditation the thought came to me. How much time am I taking to dress my soul before I exit my front door each day?   I thought about how much time I spend on styling my look, hair, and make-up. The time in the morning […]

  I just returned from a beautiful road trip through the mountains to visit my best friend Angela.  I was on my way to see not only her newly constructed house but also to meet her new little baby girl, Tessa.  Angela and I go way back, ten years back, we met at our church […]

  In early June, I started contemplating whether or not I would have a party for my milestone birthday, number 40!  I prayed about if I have one how and where would I celebrate it.  God showed me so many things, which I will share in time but today I wanted to share with you […]

Super honored and excited to have been a part of the “Our People” campaign for FLATS – The Lawrence House. They support great movements like “You are beautiful” art from Matthew Hoffman. As I have mentioned in prior posts, I absolutely love the creative spaces this group creates, specifically FLATS – The Lawrence House. It […]

For my girls out there who are looking for that polished haircut to complete your beautiful look, I highly recommend that you make an appointment with Aaron David from Maxine’s Salon. He is the missing link to your polished look. I had the wonderful pleasure of getting my hair cut by him at Maxine’s Salon […]

So we are almost through the month of January, how are those new year’s resolutions for better health going? Today, we have another great article from our guest blogger Amanda Patrick from Bliss Health Coaching. After eleven years of feeling exhausted and tired all the time because of my stomach issues, I finally decided enough […]

  Tomorrow marks MGL’s two year anniversary! Wow I look back at this first post and I remember the excitement of actually starting an idea that was just a little seed planted in my thoughts attending a Willowcreek Global Leadership Summit back in 2010. I was inspired by Blake MyCoskie’s talk about his adventure of […]

With New Year’s Resolutions in full swing, we wanted to take some time on the blog this month to talk about the best way to go about hitting that New Year’s Resolution goal of losing weight.  The number one critique I hear from women when talking about their look is that they wished they could lose […]

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