You may find yourself in the quiet of this pandemic facing fears you didn’t know where there inside of you. Perhaps over the past few years or even months, God has been placing on your heart a new direction He wants you to go. You haven’t moved forward in faith because you keep thinking… What […]

  What if I don’t make enough money? What if I fail? What if I make the wrong decision? These were all questions that my “what if” scenarios could no longer answer, and I could no longer ignore. As I took an axe to those roots, the “what ifs” were ultimately unmasked for what they […]

  Wielding an axe. Pulling up posts. Rooting out weeds. Discarding debris. Raking dirt. This is what my husband and I did as we tackled our newest summer project: building a patio. Getting the space ready was a messy and time-consuming process. It meant getting dirty, working up a sweat, and even acquiring a few […]

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