Yesterday I watched the George Floyd video for the first time in its entirety.  I initially couldn’t bring myself to watch it, I avoided it because I didn’t want to feel the pain once again of watching this poor man begging and pleading for his life and seeing the coldness of satan […]

      So if you haven’t checked out Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday interview with William Paul Young, author of “The Shack”, then I highly suggest you do so when you get a free second.  He said in the interview.  “The process of transformation is not about becoming something that we weren’t, it’s about unveiling […]

As I finish my tour inside the huge mansion, I quickly gave back my earpiece and found a path that leads to the side of the estate. My curiosity got the best of me so I followed the trail. After some time of walking on a path, it led me to the flower garden.   […]

So my answer to beauty didn’t end there, that profound answer that I received was not it.  In retrospect, when I think about how profound that answer was, I couldn’t believe at that moment that there could be anything more but I was wrong. The next day I felt God stirring in my heart to […]

  So I sat there enamored by the dream I had about my beauty, I felt God impress upon my heart that if I wanted to learn more about how to bring that beauty out of myself, I could learn how to do this by studying his beauty. I said “Yes, Lord. I want to […]

So here I am asking God “Am I Beautiful?”, my ears are now open and I am ready to hear his answer.  The first thing God showed me about my beauty, is that it is not tied to my outside appearance but to the image of God inside of me. He told me that if […]

  Now that God had healed my heart regarding the loss of an emotional relationship with my father, I was in a place where I could hear a little bit more clearly the whisper he was speaking to me when I asked him “Am I beautiful?” So you have a little understanding of where I […]

As we close out the “Calloused Heart” series, I want to say something that I feel God placing on my heart to share. What I am sharing with you today is the result of my experience with a deeply wounded hurt due to a loss that paralyzed me and held me back for so many […]

  At last, we come to the fifth and final step of the healing process that completely healed me from a deeply wounded childhood loss, I call this step ” A new perspective”. After the euphoric healing and lifting experience, I had participated in that I mentioned in the last post, I truly felt brand […]


February 18, 2019


    The last few weeks we discussed on the blog the following steps God used to heal me from a deeply rooted emotional pain from childhood; first he met me where I was at by revealing to me the fact that I had a calloused heart, second he revealed to me the disconnect I […]

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