There was a love that existed first, it is the source of love. This love loved us first and as a result, all relationship in life where we experience love is an extension of it.  Today is about celebrating our first love, it was this love that brought us into existence, that carries us […]

  The second thing God taught me in regards to the healing of my calloused heart, was the fact that I needed to root down the issue. Last week we discussed the head and heart disconnect, we know in our heads something that is true about God’s will for our life, but in our hearts […]

As we continue to discuss the topic of a calloused heart, one of the three things that God taught me about removing the thick layer of bitterness and cynicism that had grown around my heart over the years  (it was so thick like the candy coating of a peanut m&m) was something that I like to […]

  I have believed in God all my life, I grew up in a Catholic Mexican family and attended church every Sunday.  I knew of God but I didn’t really know God. After yet another break-up I found myself down in the dumps feeling completely hopeless.  I had gone through so many relationships, never taking […]

      Hello Beautiful!! Happy New Year!!!   I love new years because it is all about new beginnings! Who doesn’t love opening a new chapter to a book, there is something so exciting about it.  Especially a really good book!   One thing I noticed, is that I had a couple of new […]


December 15, 2018


  Hello Beautiful,   Its been a while since I have posted, so I wanted to stop by the blog today and tell you what I have been up to.   The truth of the matter is I have and am going through a long season of the unknown.  It has been teaching me to let […]

    I had another opportunity this past week to give my response to the elders newly released statement apologizing to the women who came forth with the allegations to CBS channel 2 news. After fervent prayer and getting past the fear of my words being twisted, I felt God speak into my heart if […]

Ever since the interview a few weeks back, God is reaffirming in my heart the desire to lead.   I came across a twenty-year-old video of a young and passionate Bill Hybels giving a speech at the 1995 leadership summit on Vision Casting.  His speech added fuel to the fire of my soul. Helping me realize […]

    One of the sources to unhappiness is wanting to live someone else’s life, and not your own. I love this book, it is a huge eye opener for me. Helping me realize that contentment of my own life does not  mean apathy or settling. I looked up the definitions and realized the definitions […]

For my fellow women with shorter torso’s, you might think you can’t wear a longer flowy blouse because it makes you look like you have no waist.  I hope today’s post inspires you to add a couple of longer flowy tops to your wardrobe. I took this longer flowy blouse and paired it with a […]

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